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Guide to fantasy drawing is a 110-colored-pages guide dedicated to anyone wants to approach the world of drawing. In detail it contains:
– The study of anatomy in order to draw both masculine and feminine characters;- illustrated details with explanations and graphic tutorials about every single part of the human body (from eyes to nose, from mouth to full face, from bust to hands, legs and feet, postures and attitudes of the characters.
This book is not supposed to be an anatomic atlas, but aims at summarizing all the muscles and the complex parts in anatomy, so as even those who have little experience can take advantage from this manual and use it as a guide and source of reference to draw their own characters, while also learning how to distinguish and draw all the different anatomic components.
So “Guide to fantasy drawing” is a guide to draw characters in general but it specifically focuses on the approach to the fantasy world, thus containing: ogres, wizards, dwarves, elves, trolls, fairies, sea creatures, dragons, giants, warriors, knights, living deads and so on. Finally, the guide includes Caspar’s suggestions: a collection of suggestion regarding on drawing in order to approach this world and finally enter it. This collection will go through all the book and will end like a journey.
Good drawing everybody!


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